My name is Tracey from Tracey’s Bridal Gowns. I am a qualified designer that completed my International degree at Haute Couture School of Fashion Design.

With over 20 years’ experience in Wedding Gowns Industry, my wedding gowns have been display on numerous TV programs like Pasgetroud, kykNET and Top Billing. I specialise in small size to Plus Sizes. Majority of my clients are Plus Size Brides.

Many of my brides ask me why I specialise in plus sizes and my answer to them is that I believed that all women should feel beautiful on their special fairy-tail day.

I am a born perfectionist, maybe a bit too fussy, but I have learnt to use this as an advantage towards my business. Brides can have the style of their choice made to hire or they are welcome to purchase.  This is a great option that I offer, so as not to limit any bride.  Should they have a specific idea or picture in mind, I will gladly discuss it with them, bearing in mind whether that style will suit their figure type and flatter them. Many times a bride will come to me with no idea, and I will create a perfect wedding gown for them and of course give them that wonderful option to hire, if purchasing is not within their budget.  I try to make sure that everyone of my clients are satisfied with my services.  I will never allow a bride to leave my Studio if I am not happy about even the slightest thing.  My brides know that they can trust me.  I have to laugh when they say: “I trust you Tracey, you do what you think is best”.

As I have been in this business for over 18 years, I have a vast knowledge of fabrics and I make absolutely sure that I use only the materials of the highest quality. I know exactly what fabric will work with what style and shape. Over the years I must say, I have developed a passion for the fuller figure.  It thrills me to see my plus size brides beaming with happiness when they try on their gown and see how gorgeous they truly are.  I cannot tell you how many plus size brides have walked in my door looking so forlorn and despondent and then leaving elated, knowing that they are in good hands.

I like to spend about an hour with each client, I don’t mind if the consultation ends up taking a little longer than an hour, I do understand that choosing the right Wedding Gown is of the utmost importance.  I prefer my client’s to feel comfortable and know that they can make an unhurried decision when they see me. Choosing a Wedding Gown and all the planning that goes with it is stressful enough, so I try to eliminate that stress as much as I can. And of course it’s wonderful occasion, a time to celebrate, so I want them to come to me and enjoy their time with me and feel excited about their Wedding Gown.